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Top 5 Reasons Homeowners Use Self Storage


Running out of room? It seems no matter how much space we have in our homes, we never have enough. In fact, there are many reasons why people use storage facilities like Town Line Self-Storage. 


Store large items like campers when not in use

Owning a camper can bring you lots of joy. Is there anything better than taking a road trip with the kids and making memories along the way? But what happens to the camper while you are at home? Storing your camper at a self-storage facility will allow you peace of mind and give you your driveway or yard space back. Good and reputable self-storage facilities will have strong security systems in place so you will know your camper will be safe while not in use. 


During home renovations 

What will you do with your furniture while the living room is being renovated? What about if the basement is getting a remodel? Putting new carpeting in the bedroom? Storing your items in a self-storage unit during renovations is the most convenient way to get them out of the way and protect them from potential damage. 


Preparing to move in or out

One recent customer came to us because her father was moving in with her. He needed a place for all of his items that were not going to fit into his new living space. Her existing storage space was already full with her kid’s past school and childhood memories along with her own. The easiest and most convenient solution was to place her father’s belongings in a storage unit. 


Safely store items and documents long term

Need a place for all of those tax documents, business files, boxes of photos, and piles of paperwork? A storage unit is not only convenient, it is a safe option. If you need to hold onto documents for a number of years, keep them in a storage unit instead of taking up valuable storage space. Reclaim your basement! 


Off season storage

Do you love to decorate for Halloween and Christmas? If you are like a few of our customers, you probably have many bins of holiday decorations and too many to fit in your garage or attic. Take back your space, keep your items safe, and know exactly where everything is next season by storing the decorations in a storage unit. 


When it comes to your belongings, we know you want safety and organization. That is why our focus has always been on safety, security, and customer service. 




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